Hazel Point Company - General Contracting

About Us

Norm Smith started Hazel Point Company with the idea that a remodel is not judged only by the quality of the end product.

The process of construction must be enjoyable for the client and in the words of our past customers, "FUN & EXCITING!"

Enjoying the construction process involves the following:

Trust: Being able to trust that your money is being spent wisely and in accordance with your wishes (budget).

Quality: Knowing that all of the work you are paying for is high quality work.

Predictability: The only surprises you get are good ones.

Value: At the end of the project you are truly delighted with the results (cost, quality, process)

Company Details:

Started in 2001

6 employees

Focuses on 1 to 3 projects at a time

The owner Norm Smith is the project manager on all projects.

Each project has a site superintendant that is also the lead carpenter.

Each project has a laptop computer on site for communications with owner, architect, and interior designer.

About Norm Smith:

Norm has spent 20 years in the construction industry, starting on a jobsite crew and working his way to being the Chief Operation Officer of O'Downing McKay Inc, then VP General Manager of Advanced Design and Construction, and then started Hazel Point Company. He has been on the Board of Trustees of the Agros Foundation and is currently on the Board of Trustees of the Seattle Waldorf School.